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Special   Projects

WWTP   -   sludge   Systems   Cleaning

Clarifier are expensive to purchase or repair and their downtime can be costly in fines imposed by regulatory agencies and in community ill will.

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Coal Power-plants Cleaning project

We use a super Vacuum truck unit for the removal of coal burning power plants to efficiently remove fly ash and coal dust.

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Lift stations cleanings and confined space

If you have a sanitary odor issue in your community, probably is due to a lift station overload or pump station malfunctions.
Call WET for any cleaning service of lift station.

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Special   Waste  

Waste Environmental Technologies (Wet, Inc.) offers a full service of waste management in every scale, most specialized to the non-hazardous special waste.

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additional   services   -   Coming Soon!!

Composting Waste To Energy

First, Composting is a method of resource recovery, taking organic residuals and converting them to a useful end product, a product which is absolutely essential to our survival, to creating a sustainable environment. IF we want to have an environment fit to live in, we MUST start conserving our resources, we must recycle.

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