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Industrial   vaccum   Services

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Super vaccum Truck is a tank truck with a heavy duty positive displacement blower pump designed to pneumatically load solids, liquids, sludge or slurry through suction lines typically 6 inch to 8 inch diameter hose.

This unit is often used by waste water treatment plants, oil field, power plants, coal power plants, lift stations, and more...

These units are able to remove special waste either wet or dry compositions from any point. Some of the following applications these units are used for:

- Removal of heavy sludge from tanks & Ponds
- Removal of waste materials from deep depths (100 feet+)
- Scale (truck and railroad vaults), pit, sump, silo, dry well, wet well, lift     stations, pump stations, culvert, catch basin, & tank cleanings.
- Working in the industrial cleaning field (mines, power plants, cement       plants, grain elevators, lime & coal plants, water/waste, water and         water reclamation treatment plants, pulp & paper mills, material               processing plants, chemical plants).