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Industrial   and   Commercial   Solid   Waste   Management   Services

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Wet, Inc. provide a solid waste management for commercial and industrial applications as Pharmaceutical Plans, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Public Buildings, Residential Buildings and others.

Disposal of wastes on an envieronmentally-friendly matter is important to your business. Our experts will assists you in your waste handling needs and will develop the right disposal solution for you.

Compactors Systems for Wet and Dry Applications

  • Roll-Off Self-Contained avaliable in 26 through 38 cubic yard capacities
  • Stationary Compactors up to 40 cubic yard
  • Custome Shooter
  • Pre Crushers for the demolition of metalic drums and bins
  • Vertical Baler Usefull Compact Cardboard
  • and more...